KenSir 網上課程平台使用手冊 2020-05-08T14:36:34+00:00

步驟1  Step 1

在App Store下載Zoom應用程式

Download Zoom App from app store



步驟2  Step 2

上課前一天,你會收到來自家長會的WhatsApp 信息,有上課的時間、登入連結及密碼。請準時按此連結、輸入密碼,進入課室上課。

A day before the class starts, you will receive a WhatsApp message including a login link and password to the classroom. Please click on the login link to enter the classroom.

步驟3  Step 3

進入課室時,系統會要求出席者輸入姓名。我們會為出席網上教學的家長進行點名,請各家長在輸入姓名時,同時把電話號碼的頭4個數字填上 (例子︰9525 CHAN TAI MAN)

We will take attendance for all online course. After entering the classroom, type the first 4-digits phone number in front of your name (For example: 9525 CHAN TAI MAN)

步驟4  Step 4


After you input your name, you will see the image below, please wait and don’t leave the room

步驟5  Step 5

當Ken Sir進入課室後,按加入並開啟視訊。

After Ken Sir enter the classroom, press “加入並開啟視訊”

步驟6  Step 6

稍後會見到這個畫面,請耐心等候Ken Sir確認進入班房。

Afterwards, you will see the image below, please wait until Ken Sir enter the classroom

步驟7  Step 7


Press “使用設備音訊”

步驟8  Step 8

你可以在Apps裡厎部menu bar按「與會者」/ 「觀眾」尋找自己的名字,然後按「更名」進行改名

You could find 「與會者」/ 「觀眾」in the menu bar at the bottom, search for your name and press 「更名」to edit your name

步驟9  Step 9


Class Starts!